Saturday, August 8, 2015


What does it mean to be creative? We all know that being creative isn't about being the best or having the best score in exam. It's about being out of the norm. That's right, being 'special'. Yet people who are 'special' tend to be criticized for being indifferent. So, does that mean we have to suppress our creativity to be accepted by the society today? Check out this TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson to understand more about creativity!

Monday, July 13, 2015

To be or not to be...

The end of a cold winter is greeted by the blossoming of beautiful flowers, while the first day of summer marks the beginning of another new journey filled with sweat and tears.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Monday, May 31, 2010


This is just a short post. Since one of his friend was asking about this last night, he realized that he can use this chance to update his blog. A short quick post.

In Korea, people address those who are older than them by using hyung, oppa, unni and etcetc. Some of this can be a bit confusing, so here's a simplified version of who uses what.

If you're a guy, you would use 'hyung' when addresing your close male friends or older brother and 'noona' when addressing your close female friends or older sister.

If you're a gal, you would use 'oppa' when addressing your close male friends or older brother and 'unni' when addressing your close female friends or older sister.

For your close friends who are younger than you or your younger brother/sister, you use 'dongsaeng' regardless of their gender.

Practically, 'hyung' and 'oppa' means 'older brother' while 'unni' and 'noona' means 'older sister'. This is the informal way of calling your older brother/close male friends or your older sister/close female friends. When you use these terms, it means they are close to you ( or they know you well) and it implies that you can speak to them in a less formal way.

If he were to continue about formalities it would take another lengthy paragraph which destroy his intention to make a short quick post. Therefore he'll stop here. Kabwaya dwoeyo! =)

Friday, May 7, 2010

How much do you believe in someone?

Back to updating his blog after a week, not sure if this process of updating his blog will last but well... So... He was in facebook just now and he saw something which seems interesting, interesting enough to spark his interest and interesting enough for today's topic.

Do you know that sometimes, just a small act like believing the sincerity of others can actually brighten up their day?

Have you ever encounter a situation where you just say or scold what you want to others just because they do not accept your ideas? Have you ever wondered why the other party would refute your ideas or your arguments?

Very often, people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. This statement is so true that some find it hard to believe or to understand what it actually means. It actually means that we human, tend to see things as how we want rather than seeing it as a whole. That being said, many choose to believe that god exist just because we want to believe that there is something more superior than us and that 'thing' is taking care of us and keeping us safe although no one has actually seen a god in their life. (p.s. That doesn't mean I don't believe in god cause I do =)

So... Back to how he come to think about this topic. First off, he'll put a chat to easier demonstrate what he wants to say. He had once told Y about how good some stuff is and how Y should try it too. But. Being as ignorant as usual, Y chose not to believe in what he had said and decided to keep 'false impression' Y has about that stuff thinking that he (the blogger) just wanted to promote that stuff. Soon later, X was telling others about this stuff and Y saw the conversation which leads to the chat below.

X: This is really good! Etcetc etcetc is so good!

Y: Is it really thattttt goooddddd?

So in this context, if only Y had pay a little more attention to his little dear friend (me), Y wouldn't have needed to ask again in that doubtful voice. =)

Once again, he isn't angry with anyone while he's making this post and this post isn't meant to flame anyone, its just an example to depict the power of believe. To show how a person's opinion and answer can be changed based on what they choose to believe in. ^^v

Friday, April 30, 2010

Human's personality. This is not a test / questions =)

He wonders why that always around midnight to dawn is when he feels the need to update his blog the most. And another thing that puzzled him is that great inspirations only come in during when he's frolicking on the bed. He feels that probably because his brain is less stressful and more calm at that moment that he's able to come up with many great ideas. However great it may be, they will soon dissipate right after deep slumber...

So as for today, he's gonna talk about personality, something which everyone cares about regardless of their age. It can be defined as the quality or state of being a person and everyone has their own personality, from being polite to cool, its what make up who you are today. People are often judged for their personality; 'He / she is a nice person', 'I hate them because they are ruthless'. Some people make good judgment while on the other hand, many tend to make their own judgment as per se. Though he would like to talk more about that, he realize he can keep that for his later updates.

Some people can get very conscious about their own personality which often leads to questions like 'why are they doing this?' or 'why is he / she not replying my message? did i do something wrong?' These questions can actually be avoided by being just a little more open minded and to list out all the possibilities that could have happened. Coincidence happens and very often it happens when you least expected them to happen.

This would often be dangerous for those who have personality problems. Let's have a look at this scenario, Z who is already depress wanted to talk to B but B is busy at that moment, Z then went and look for C at home just to find that C isn't home at that moment. Lastly, Z called up T who is working but T hung up on Z saying that the boss is there. In the end, I'm sure you can guess what would happen next to Z.

The next part would be just a brief description about the blogger himself, so as to let the readers know what kind of person the blogger is and what type of post to expect.

He's a rather cheerful and open minded person. He doesn't dwell into sad or depressing matter for long (few minutes to maybe umm... a day?) and easily move on with life. He always let bygones be bygones. Enjoy laughing... but well again, who doesn't? =)